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To Theme, Or Not To Theme, THAT Is The Question!

The first thought in every parents mind when it comes to putting the nursery together is what colors, prints, patterns, and themes to do. There is literally THOUSANDS of ideas to choose from.  From Woodland to Nautical, to Sports themed & Animals.

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When designing a nursery, especially if you're on a budget, try to pick something the baby can grow with so you don't have to keep changing it every few years. Sure, little ducks and princess crowns are super cute for babies, but is the child going to want them when they get to be 6 or 7? Chances are, probably not. 

Think about the baby bedding growing into the toddler years.  If you play your cards right, you can utilize the same crib bedding in the room as the crib changes from  Baby Bed, to Toddler Bed, to Day Bed and finally Full Size bed!  Definitely more bang for your buck!  When you hit the full size, you've got to change into the big kid room anyway.  You know what they say... Time Marches On!  And you're about to find out how quickly it does.

Instead of going nuts with your football team logo on EVERY square inch of the nursery, think about using solid team colors on the baby bedding.  Keep it simple. Then, go crazy accessorizing all over the room.  You can dial it back or turn it up as much as you want when you start with the basics.  Here is a perfect example.  With Red, White & Blue, you could be a Red Sox fan, Cubs fan, Nautical theme or Americana.  Easy to add a theme, logo or anything you'd like to the nursery when you stick with simple color on the baby bedding.

I have always recommended to do non themed bedding (use solids, stripes, paisley, chevrons, etc) and bring in your theme elsewhere such as accent pieces, pictures, etc. That way, when you (or the child) are ready to change themes, you don't have to basically start all over. 

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Of course, there's no way to know what the child will be in to when they get older, and the nursery is mainly for the mom. Face it, is the baby REALLY going to care that there's cute little sailboats all over their room? NO! Color is just that, COLOR! It's not permanent, and can always be changed.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Me personally, I did a semi theme nursery with my oldest daughter. I did pink and gray, with elephants. Easy to change, and little girls love pink! I did no specific theme with my youngest.

For the record, that's yours truly back in June of 2013.  The elephants are on the back of the bumper so they show on the outside of the crib. This was my first.  Since then, we've had another precious girl that just turned 1. 

What theme are you wanting to do? Maybe you're not wanting to do a theme. Let us know! Not sure? Give one of the experienced designers at Polka ToT Designs a call!