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Thursday, 14 July 2016
Eating your way through a happy pregnancy.


Foods that will help with the discomforts of pregnancy.

This article starts with morning sickness, but ends with chocolate.

 Proving once again that everything gets better with a little time!



It's a beautiful life experience for a woman. Shopping for clothes, nursery decor , and even diapers can make a mommy to be so excited for her new little bundle of joy on the way. With all the fun aspects of being pregnant, there are some down sides about being pregnant. You know the ones.... Your feet swell up like party balloons. Or, you're hot and miserable during the heat of July.  You just want to sit in a baby pool with a big bowl of ice cold watermelon!  There are days where you feel like you're literally going to die of pregnancy induced misery. Or worse,  kill someone if you don't get some relief or ice cream soon!  Let's face it there are some things about being pregnant, mommies to be  wish they could erase from the pregnancy chapter of life. Like morning sickness, constipation, and even sometimes sciatica can make our  pregnancies into a miniature nightmare, just to name a few.  Did you know that being conscious about what you are eating can help eliminate those annoying symptoms?  Nutrition is such a key part of our lives. But, especially when you are eating for two. You know, when you are pregnant you can have some outrageous cravings you just cannot seem to fight off that might just affect your not so great pregnancy symptoms negatively. Here are a few tips on what foods do and don't alleviate your pregnancy symptoms!

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can have you dreading to take even a small bite of that yummy food craving you have had on your mind all day long. There are some delicious foods you can eat though that will satisfy your tummy in more ways than one!

YES: Sorbet, Salty Crackers, Lemons

No: Spicy Foods


Not being able to release what you have eaten all day can be an awful feeling. By eating certain foods you can alleviate the pain and have smooth sailing from there.  

Yes: Whole grains, Vegetables, Fruit, Honey

No: White bread, White rice, refined grains


When you are pregnant it's a given that your back might be a little sore.  But, when the sciatica sets in and not only does your back ache, but now you have shooting pain down your legs as well.  It's miserable, yes, but there are some great food options to help heal the pain!

Yes: Bananas, Carrots, Spinach, Dark chocolate

No: Refined Sugar

Pregnancy truly is such a life changing & wonderful part of a woman's journey.  Every little moment of being pregnant is special.  Even those awful  symptoms you wish would go away. By taking out some of the foods that aren't good for you and bringing in the ones with magical healing super powers, you will be sure to feel a difference! Now go grab some dark chocolate and prop those feet up, girl.  You're eating for TWO!  (or more)


Happy Eating!



Kayla Hartley is a baby bedding/ nursery designer at Polka ToT Designs.  She designs adorable nurseries along with custom baby/kids bedding & window treatments for those who are looking for that perfect room to fit any budget.  You can reach her at 251-639-5265 on most days.   Or, you can email her for help at


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Posted on 07/14/2016 1:55 PM by Kayla Hartley
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